Sundered Isle

What Happened

Dear heathenous idol-worshippers,
I write this memo, as I write all memos, in hopes of advancing the holy gospel of the righteous god of rage and battle, Gruumsh, and to record the power of the blessings he bestowed upon us that day.

The mission partook by myself, Dr. Bellina Fellstag, Lelik Te, Cain McAllister, and Bellovar Selos, was to explore the home of Viktor Graymoor, a researcher searching heretically for a source of immortality. We were enlisted in this effort by Dr. Arveus de Valk, a scholar at the Imseth School on the mainland. Our group was promised five hundred gold apiece, not to mention great renown, if we were to successfully gather valuable remnants of Graymoor’s experiments.

Finding this deal satisfactory, with a few additional negotiated elements, the five of us departed with Gruumsh’s blessing through the woods to explore the Graymoor household. Though briefly waylaid by a worg and its wolf minions, we followed the map we were given to the home without incident. Upon exploring the home, a suspiciously modest home given the Graymoors’ purported fortune, we found no people recognizable as such. Instead, we found multiple seemingly sentient bundles of paper, as well as three ill-tempered magical tomes. After fighting the tomes and finding a way to communicate with the bundles of paper through inscribing communiques upon other pieces of paper. It quickly became apparent that the Graymoors and their houseservants had been transmogrified into books and, ironically, thus made immortal. Foolishness, I say.

After conversing with the Graymoor son and mistress, other important components of the situation became clear. First. that the Graymoor child was missing and her room was ominously ransacked. Second, that Viktor had also disappeared, likely for reasons related to both his recent breakthrough and the secret basement that we had been arcanely sensing beneath the home.

We entered the basement to find Viktor’s mind encased in the form of an impressive library, with which we could only communicate with an involved code and speaking apparatus. Viktor informed us that this was his ultimate expression of immortality, a library into which knowledge could be brought directly and enter his consciousness. However, his condition was marred by being cut off from a portion of his consciousness contained in a section of the library that lay beyond a heavily barred door. He had severed this area because it contained his daughter, Hannah, who had been the original subject of his experiments and who Viktor had, as he explained, “broken.” We offered to rejoin Viktor with his lost consciousness and his estranged, bookish wife and son.

Upon crossing into the forbidden portion of the library, we found Hannah in a sorry state. She, too, was turned into a book, but one clearly experiencing extreme suffering. We tried to console her and to find a way to palliate her situation. We failed, and the situation escalated. Hannah harnessed some arcane power to manifest as a vicious BookWyrm, composed of the volumes in this enormous library. We fought her and, regardless of Lelik’s fecal hijinks, prevailed against this creature. May Gruumsh have mercy upon her soul.

The five of us did some browsing in Viktor’s library, for we owed him nothing, and at this point Dr. Fellstag slipped away from us, gathered up the Graymoor boy-book and servant-books, and hightailed it back to Gable and the Adventurers’ Guild. Some of us, upon realizing his departure, followed in hot pursuit. I, not being in the best running shape and suffering from a sudden flare-up of my genicular arthritis, decided to take my time. Dr. Fellstag’s reasoning has been expressed and damaged relationships have been, in my opinion, sufficiently addressed. We received our monetary reward, in the end, and managed to increase our renown regardless of internal tensions.

If Gruumsh wills it, I would be happy to collaborate again with these valiant warriors in a continued campaign to bring recognition to Gruumsh’s gospel and ultimate power.

Ɯmgral Hallerson



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